Hello! My name is Daria and I write code

I have 10+ years of experience accross the stack.
I write code for open source.
I am proficient at remote work and a great communicator.




Latest project

Tokel Platform is an open source project which provides an easy and inexpensive tokenization solution.


Technical Lead

What I did

Created and extended an Electron application communicating with blockchain (together with my team), product management, created and extended designs for new features, extension of blockchain protocols, hiring for the development team, sprints planning, providing support to the community and contributors.


About me

I contribute to the last open source project I worked on and planning to do so in the future.

I am a female developer.

I have worked in the blockchain space mainly collaborating with people who are anonymous.

I am compassionate and a good communicator. It is natural for me to find common and comunicate with my teammates easily.

I have a Masters Degree in Computer Science which no one has ever asked me to show.

Get in touch for collaboration hello@dariah.dev

Also, in case you want to learn something new, here is a guide on How to create new plant species.

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